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Successful event managers do not have the luxury of recycling old ideas and procedures.  Today you will need to see into the future, understand how technology has changed the market, and stay ahead of the market trends that will drive your market share.  As the events manager, you are responsible for all hotels event spaces including dining rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, ballrooms, and sometimes even the venue itself.  This demands a close awareness of all the moving parts weeks in advance, and from fist thing in the morning until late into the night.

You need to bring in the clients, you need to plan the events, you need to oversee the events team, and you need to see each of these through to their conclusion.  And by the way, you also need to set pricing that creates margin, and to find a fast, convenient, and secure way to quote, invoice, track and collect those revenues.

As a full-service hospitality services partner, Hospitality Payments recognizes that events billing and collection is not the same as the payment processes used to settle hotels room accounts or food & beverage purchases.  The fact that event billing and collection tend to be a moving target, with payments scheduled over time to reflect the unique nature of the services provided, Hospitality Payments offers a dedicated set of solutions that include:

  1. Event account time-based invoicing and secure payment capture.
  2. Integration of mobile and electronic invoicing and payment options.
  3. Payment processes fully integrated with the hotels’ card payment systems.
  4. Easy customer access to invoicing and payment schedules.
  5. Staff training, fast-response service, and quick issue escalation options.

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