Introducing 'Tap & Go' For Android

Accept contactless payments directly with your NFC-enable android smartphone.

Picture the convenience of your smartphone becoming a Point of Sale (POS) terminal, smoothly accepting payments with a simple tap from your customers' cards. 

No hardware needed.

  • Use your android phone's NFC
  • Card can be tapped on phone
  • Keyed-in transactions available

Fully featured.

  • Transaction history
  • Void and refunds
  • SMS and print receipts

Accept tips.

  • Preset tip amounts
  • Custom tip amounts
  • Turn tips on/off anytime

Save money.

  • Lowest processing fees
  • Secure processing highway
  • Live-body support


  • No additional hardware

  • One Time Setup

  • Accept payments anywhere, even on the go!

  • Manually enter card information, if needed

  • Instant terminal enablement (once approved)

  • Lower cost processing

  • Get next day payments

  • OS & SDK Compliant

    Simply Tap & Go

    With just an NFC-enabled Android device and an internet connection, your mobile device transforms into a contactless payment terminal.

    Easy to Set Up

    Download today & get your login from us



    We're transforming payment acceptance for small businesses, transportation services, trades, home repair services, charities, and more.

    Our ultra-portable mobile payment solution empowers merchants to activate transactions instantly, anywhere they go.


    The smart way to accept card payments

    ✔ No additional hardware

    ✔ Download and go

    ✔ Accept payments

    ✔ Instant terminal enablement

    ✔ Unlimited devices

    ✔ Lower cost processing


    Tap-to-Pay Integration solves numerous challenges businesses face

    The Tap to Pay option makes it easier and faster to process transactions, improving your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Fast and secure, our system enables payments in seconds, reducing customer wait times. Additionally, it offers security by requiring customers to input their PIN for extra protection.

    Security First

    Accept tips on all transactions.

    Straight from your Android device.

    The app comes with the option to accept tips. The feature can be turned on or off from the app settings any anytime.

    Blazing fast

    Process credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
    All major payment types supported.

    Getting Started

    To use the GameChanger, make sure you have the following:
    1. Phone must have Android OS, version 10.0 or higher
    2. Phone must have NFC capability (nearly all phones today do)
    3. An Internet connection is required. Both WiFi and mobile LTE work
    4. The application runs on both smartphones and tablets
    Other nitty gritties...
    • Make sure your device's NFC is turned on from the settings
    • Make sure you have a screen lock turned on (PIN or biometric)
    • Familiarise yourself with where the NFC chip is located on your device.
    Flat Rate

    $2.3% + 10 cents

    Transparent Pricing

    The app is completely free to download and use, with no monthly subscription charges.

    Enjoy the convenience of a fixed rate per transaction, eliminating hidden fees and long-term contracts.

    Ready for your first GameChanger Tap?

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