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EMV Chip & Pin

Hospitality payments specializes in helping hotel properties migrate from mag stripe authorization environment to a more robust and fully interfaced EMV chip & pin solution with your PMS platform.

Significantly reduce your hotel's risk, reduce your PCI scope requirements

Reduce costly chargebacks from your profit center, and help improve your bottom line.

Eliminate chargeback losses to non-EMV processing and or fraudulent card transactions.

Reduce the time it takes to reconcile and correct errors.

Provide your guests enhanced security and protection when they process payments via chip & pin.



Pay at Table

Mobile devices are changing the way customers at table service restaurants, in particular, interact with your business.

The days of diners handing over personal credit cards to wait staff at restaurants are extinct. Secure mobile payment acceptance and customer interaction provides convenience and a new, enhanced service for your customers. Simply put, customers want to keep their credit and debit cards within their sight and possession.

We’re ready with solutions to help you accommodate this growing opportunity to provide end-to-end payment solutions that can be integrated with your existing POS platforms, and providing your customers a convenient payment interaction with your establishment.

Convenience and mobility for enhanced customer experience

PCI compliance, EMV Certified and increased cardholder security

Improved efficiency for customers and servers alike

Complete Payment integration into your existing POS Platform possible


For Hotels

Converge Billing and Invoicing is a simple online solution that helps
businesses create and send invoices and receive payments –all online.

  • Built exclusively for hotels, this platform enables hotels to securely send an invoice providing instant payment for hotel related charges.
  • This system supports recurring transactions and payments. It also allows for transparent installment payments, secure payment receipts, and statements.
  • The perfect tool for managing big and small events like weddings, anniversaries, conferences, trade shows, and special social events.
  • Integration is available for security technologies to help keep data safe throughout the payment process.
  • This program also supports the ever-evolving future of secure payments, including per-authorized shipping
  • You can minimize your stored data liability and reduces your compliance efforts, and limit account access to keep unauthorized users out

This is a perfect solution for the following type of scenarios for your property-

  • Corporate booking calls hotel to book a block of rooms/meeting event
  • 3rd Party or guest calls hotel to book a future catering event
  • Company representative paying for rooms on behalf of employees
  • Paying for another family member to stay at the hotel
  • Paying for a gift to be delivered to a guest’s room
  • Guest has left an item in the room and has to pay for it to be returned
  • Allows for payments on the go
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