Fraud Protection

Protect Your Customers and Your Reputation

In a world where fraudsters are becoming more organized and sophisticated, here are some strategies hotels should deploy to protect their customers, brands and bottom line:

  • Have EMV-enabled point-of-sale terminals to reduce risk of card-present chargebacks;
  • Leverage passive data collection to assess transaction risk. ¬†Collecting and analyzing data such as device intelligence, site navigation metrics and IP address does not create customer friction but provides valuable insights on the risk of a transaction;
  • Incorporate machine-learning/big-data insights from your own brand and a community of merchants to provide a more nuanced view of the risk of a transaction;
  • Create workflows to dynamically route higher-risk transactions for additional scrutiny;
  • Align loyalty and payment transactions fraud strategies to ensure optimal performance; and
  • Understand typical and out-of-pattern behaviors for a customer and layer in this customer insight to refine your risk score. ¬†
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